Shock Absorber – 295mm Piggy Back DNM 1000lb

Shock Absorber – 295mm Piggy Back DNM 1000lb

Genuine DNM 295mm 1000lb Piggy Back Adjustable Race Shock Absorber


– 295 mm (eye to eye) 1000lbs Gas shock absorber for MX-Frame swing arms. This is a direct replacement for Stomp Z140 and a good upgrade for off road and supermoto racing. It features a 1000 lbs spring and has fully adjustable compression and rebound.


WARNING – Not all DNM shock absorbers are the same. Ours ONLY come from the Taiwan Factory. There is also a China Factory producing DNM. The quality of the China factory Shocks is VERY poor. If you are buying DNM make sure it was manufactured in the Taiwan Factory.


To measure your own shock, measure from hole centre to hole centre