Plastics & Graphics Kit – CRF50 (VARIOUS OPTIONS)
  • Plastics & Graphics Kit – CRF50 (VARIOUS OPTIONS)

    High quality, flexible polypropylene plastics with factory-applied 1mm thick CRF50 graphics. These will fit all pit bikes that use the CRF50 style plastics, including Super Stomps Juice box 3 FXJ SS 120 Demon X 120/140.They will also fit Honda CRF50. Spec as follows: Flexible PP plastics set with high quality 1mm thick CRF50 graphics, made from quality 1mm thick heavy duty laminated plastic. Using the best 3M adhesive to make sure these are stuck to the plastics for years to come.


    This full set will include:

    – Front and rear fender Plastics and Graphics

    – Left/Right Radiator shroud Plastics and Graphics

    – Left/Right Rear number board Plastics and Graphics

    – Left/Right Fork guard Graphics ONLY

    – Front Number board Plastics and Graphics